Senior Sessions: 
The Gallery:   1 hour $225  ($50 session fee, $175 print credit)
The Classic:    2 hour $425  ($100 session fee, $325 print credit)
The Signature:   3 hour $625  ($150 session fee, $475 print credit)
The Elite:   4 hour $825  ($200 session fee, $625 print credit)
The Dream:  5 hour $1225  ($250 session fee, $975 print credit)
The Ultimate:   6 hour $1495  ($325 session fee, $1170 print credit)




Session fees and minimum print credit due at the time of your session.
Sessions include indoor and outdoor locations, unlimited clothing changes as time allows.
Sessions may be done on different days for more variety!   For instance 3 hours on a summer day and 2 hours in the fall for
a 5 hour session.   This allows a variety of scenery and looks, including hair and fashion! 


Sessions at your home are welcome!!
Sessions at your location may have a location fee applied.  This is to cover the travel time and mileage involved.  This fee will be in addition to your print credit and session fees.




Not certain which session?  How many outfits?  Just contact Lisa 785-483-0596


Also ask about Lisa's Collections and Create your own Collection for great money savings when you purchase multiple products!



Put some edited before and after pics here.


Because every senior is unique, who wants to be constrained to packages. That is why I created the:    CREATE YOUR OWN COLLECTION.     You are in control!   with total flexibilty to choose   the Create your own collection starts with a signature album that you and Lisa will personally select the one that is just right for you!   

One of my greatest faults as a photographer is somehow I always manage to take too many photos.   I have went to workshops where the "pros" ask me if I am crazy or what!?!   why do you take so many images, none of the other 'photogs' do!!   I just say!   "Hey!  I can't help myself!"